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Knowledgeable Real Estate Attorneys Assisting With Residential, Commercial And Agricultural Transactions

Ours are skilled and experienced real estate attorneys who understand the unique dynamic of southwestern Pennsylvania’s rural and urban real estate. Whether your situation involves a handshake deal between friends or a complex agreement between commercial entities, having the right real estate attorney counseling you throughout the process could save you time, money and unforeseen headaches down the road.

Experienced in Pennsylvania real estate, our lawyers at Elias Legal understand the numerous issues that can arise in even the simplest real estate transactions. We specialize in residential, commercial, urban and rural real estate. We have the tools, knowledge and staff necessary to assist you in any part of the buying or selling process.

Our Three Pillars Of Real Estate Representation

We believe that there are three core elements to our representation for our real estate cases:

Honest and straightforward representation

Our attorneys love giving our clients good news. However, when there is a problem with any part of the real estate buying process, they tell our clients the facts and counsel them on how to move forward.

Thorough research of the property

One of the most important steps in purchasing real estate is investigating the title of the property for liens and other incumbrancers. One small mistake could cost the buyer a fortune in the future. An essential part of our real estate attorneys’ job is to thoroughly investigate the title of the property and inform our clients of any issues that could cause a headache down the road.

A timely and efficient process

Real estate transactions are often controlled by deadlines. It is important that closing attorneys work quickly and efficiently to meet the closing date. Good real estate lawyers must also have the ability to work closely with real estate agents, mortgage companies and other attorneys involved in the transactions. At Elias Legal, our lawyers are supported by great staff members who understand the significance of closing deadlines and their important roles in assisting our attorneys in meeting important dates.

Let Us Help You Every Step Of The Way

In any real estate transaction, there are four simple steps to the process.

  • Step 1: Find a great location
  • Step 2: Make an offer/seller accepts offer
  • Step 3: Due diligence
  • Step 4: Closing

While this may sound easy, each of these steps has its own challenges, and having us on your side allows you to leverage our knowledge and experience to help you make the optimal decisions.

We Assist With The Following Real Estate Services

Below are some of the most common real estate transactions that we help our clients with:

  • Residential closings
  • Commercial closings (retail, mixed-use, etc.)
  • Residential and commercial leases
  • New development projects
  • Refinancing
  • Deed conveyances
  • Broker agreements
  • Mortgage and lending documents
  • Real estate disputes and litigation

Be aware that if your issue is not on this list, that does not mean that we cannot help you. You should still reach out to us to find out what your options are.

Contact Our Office Today

If you are looking for assistance with a real estate matter, then you can connect with our team at Elias Legal for help. Call our office at 724-972-4610 or complete our online contact form and give us a brief description of your needs. We offer free consultations and use a flexible office meeting scheduling system, so contact us today.