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Gun Rights Restoration

At Elias Legal, we are strong advocates for the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is a fundamental pillar of American society. Dating back to before the Revolutionary War, Americans have taken pride in our ability to defend our homes, hunt for our food and protect our communities from outside invaders. Our founders understood this American ideal and framed our nation’s government around it. Pennsylvania has one of the strongest traditions of protecting the right to bear arms.

Unfortunately for some, their right to bear arms has been stripped from them for various reasons, including after they’ve been convicted of criminal acts or have been diagnosed with mental health issues. For many who are no longer a threat to themselves or to the public, there are avenues to have their gun rights restored. Our attorneys at Elias Legal are firm believers in the Second Amendment and are experienced in assisting clients on their paths to full restoration of their Second Amendment rights.

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If you have had your guns taken from you or have had your gun rights wrongfully stripped from you and wish to regain those rights, then our team at Elias Legal can help you. Call our office at 724-972-4610 or contact our office using our online form and provide us with a brief description of your issue. We offer free consultations, and our office uses a flexible scheduling program, so get connected with us today.